Scientific Meeting

Date Activities
2023-09-17 Greater Bay Area Medical Congress: Rebalancing the 39 Trillions of Microbial Cells for Long-Term Health
2023-06-29 The Latest Local Understandings - The Holistic Support from Healthcare Professionals for Cesarean Moms and Babies
2021-09-14 COVID-19 and Influenza: Similarities, Differences and Protection Through Vaccination
2020-08-14 Spotlight on Tacrolimus in Dermatology
2020-06-11 Human Milk Oligosaccharides, Microbiome, Immunity and Allergy: What??s Their Link?
2015-06-23 Scientific Symposium - Role of respiratory viruses in childhood community acquired pneumonia - the Chicken and the Egg, which comes first?
2014-09-16 Asthma in the PICU
2007-03-27 Wheezing Children - What is the role of virus in wheezing & asthma exacerbations?
2007-02-28 A review of 10 paediatric patients with necrotizing pneumonitis
2007-01-31 Fulminant pneumonia in children
2006-09-27 A Patient with Chronic Lung Disease
2006-08-30 Enlarging Tuberculous Lymph Node: Improving or Deteriorating?
2006-07-26 A Complicated case of pneumonia in a previously healthy child
2006-06-28 Pneumococcal Induced Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome
2006-05-24 Management of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia/Aspiration Pneumonia