Clinical Meeting

Date Activities
2019-04-24 A patient with pulmonary haemorrhage and ANCA-positive vasculitis
2019-02-27 Sleep-disordered breathing in children with Prader-Willi Syndrome ?V how to approach?
2019-01-30 Severe community acquired pneumonia complicated with septic shock: what lesson can be learnt
2018-11-28 Paediatric neck abscess: To drain or not to drain
2018-09-26 Air pollution: health hazards to children and society
2018-08-29 Management of chylothorax in neonates
2018-07-25 Necrotizing pneumonia in children
2018-06-27 Use of oximetry in children with suspected obstructive sleep apnoea
2018-05-30 The use of ECLS in the setting of acute severe respiratory failure
2018-04-25 A girl with bronchiolitis obliterans
2018-03-28 Respiratory signs & symptom of rare metabolic disorder
2018-02-28 Obesity and Lung Diseases
2018-01-31 Interventional Bronchoscopy: the Guangzhou Experience
2017-11-29 Childhood TB: What's New?
2017-09-27 The story of an unusual severe RSV infection
2017-08-30 A case of difficult asthma
2017-07-26 Interstitial lung disease associated with inborn errors of surfactant metabolism
2017-06-28 A girl with recurrent wheezing
2017-05-31 A boy with persistent airleak complicating parapneumonic effusion
2017-04-26 Iron deficiency anaemia - a minor chief complaint for a sinister respiratory disease
2017-03-29 Preschool wheeze - asthma or bronchiolitis, KWH experience
2017-02-22 Update on management of acute bronchiolitis
2017-01-25 An update on primary ciliary dyskinesia
2016-10-26 Recurrent pneumothorax
2016-09-28 Technology Dependent Children