Clinical Meeting

Date Activities
2009-01-21 Management of recurrent wheeze in pre-school children
2008-11-26 Cuffed endotracheal tubes for infants and children - the rationales
2008-09-24 A girl with chronic lung disease
2008-08-27 Pulmonary complications in 2 immunocompromised patients
2008-07-30 Paediatric toxidromes
2008-05-28 Aspiration pneumonia in neurologically impaired children
2008-04-30 (1) Help our children sleep better, (2) Guideline on childhood snoring
2008-03-26 Infection round & upper airway:- Management of otitis media and its complications Sinusitis: acute or otherwise
2008-01-30 Complications of primary spontaneous pneumothorax and a new method of chest drain insertion without blunt dissection
2007-11-09 Paediatric Allergies, Levocetirizine
2007-08-29 Pulmonary Rehabilitation
2007-07-27 Home noninvasive ventilation for children with sleep-disordered breathing
2007-07-25 An infant with diffuse chest infection
2007-05-30 Assessing asthma control in children: clinical or biomarkers?
2007-04-25 Prediction of asthma by lung function tests in young children : benefits and pitfalls