Date Activities
2023-09-27 HKSPRA September Clinical Meeting
2023-09-17 Greater Bay Area Medical Congress: Rebalancing the 39 Trillions of Microbial Cells for Long-Term Health
2023-08-30 HKSPRA August Clinical Meeting
2023-07-26 HKSPRA July Research Meeting
2023-06-29 The Latest Local Understandings - The Holistic Support from Healthcare Professionals for Cesarean Moms and Babies
2023-06-28 HKSPRA June Clinical Meeting: Asthma
2023-05-31 HKSPRA May Clinical Meeting: RSV
2023-04-26 HKSPRA April Clinical Meeting: Allergy
2023-03-29 HKSPRA March Clinical Meeting: Asthma
2022-11-30 HKSPRA November Clinical Meeting: RSV
2022-10-26 HKSPRA October Clinical Meeting: Atopic Dermatitis
2022-10-08 25th HKSPRA Annual Scientific Meeting
2022-09-28 HKSPRA September Clinical Meeting: Infection
2022-08-31 HKSPRA August Research Meeting
2022-07-27 HKSPRA July Clinical Meeting: Asthma
2022-06-29 HKSPRA June Clinical Meeting: Spinal Muscular Atrophy
2022-05-25 HKSPRA May Clinical Meeting: Atopic Dermatitis
2022-05-11 HKSPRA May Clinical Meeting: Allergic Rhinitis
2022-04-27 HKSPRA April Clinical Meeting: Asthma
2022-03-30 HKSPRA March Clinical Meeting: Asthma
2022-03-09 HKSPRA March Clinical Meeting: Childhood Omicron
2022-02-23 HKSPRA February Clinical Meeting: The approach to managing chronic cough in children
2022-01-22 Joint Scientific Meeting on Paediatric Allergy
2021-10-17 24th HKSPRA Annual Scientific Meeting
2021-09-28 Hong Kong RSV Summit 2021