Clinical Meeting

Date Activities
2021-09-28 Hong Kong RSV Summit 2021
2021-08-25 Optimal Management of Childhood Asthma: When do We Start Abticholinergics
2021-07-28 Paediatric asthma: new treatment paradigm from mild to severe
2021-07-13 Updates in Allergy Prevention: specificity of human milk oligosaccharide in immune modulation and allergy prevention, and an update on the GINI study 20 years follow up
2021-06-30 (1) Anticholinergics in asthma; (2) Treatment consideration for peadiatric asthma patients
2021-05-26 Armamentarium of Moderate-to-severe Atopic Dermatitis in Adolescent
2021-04-28 Challenges in Sublingual Immunotherapy in Allergic Respiratory Diseases
2021-04-09 Rotavirus: Prevent is Better than Cure
2021-03-31 Paediatric Asthma - Optimizing the Ambulatory Management
2021-03-25 Research Meeting
2021-02-26 Research Meeting
2021-02-24 Anti-inflammatory Reliever Therapy: A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Adolescent Asthma
2021-01-27 Paediatric Invasive Fungal Infections
2020-12-02 Severe Uncontrolled Asthma Yardstick
2020-10-16 Rotavirus Lectures
2020-09-30 COVID-19 Forum
2020-07-29 Pediatric Airway Disease in Dental Aspect
2020-06-24 Perinatal Airway Support
2019-11-27 Management of TB contact
2019-09-25 Allergic rhinitis - perspective from respirologist and allergist
2019-08-28 Respiratory problems in children with severe chronic neurodisabilities
2019-05-29 Airway clearance technique
2019-04-24 A patient with pulmonary haemorrhage and ANCA-positive vasculitis
2019-04-24 A patient with pulmonary haemorrhage and ANCA-positive vasculitis
2019-02-27 Sleep-disordered breathing in children with Prader-Willi Syndrome ?V how to approach?