Clinical Meeting

Date Activities
2011-09-28 Experience of RSV bronchiolitis in local PICU
2011-08-31 Persistent chest infection in an infant
2011-07-27 Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation
2011-06-29 Paediatric ECMO - an overview
2011-05-25 An adolescent boy with rash and dizziness after exertion
2011-04-27 Young athlete with SOB
2011-03-29 An update on chronic cough management in children
2011-02-23 A medical emergency for 50 yrs: HK airway quality and child health
2011-01-26 Management of difficult airway
2010-11-24 Neonatal airway disorders
2010-08-25 Management of pleural infection in children
2010-05-26 H1N1 in PICU - a brief review
2010-03-31 A girl with chronic SOB and mucocutaneous lesions
2010-02-24 A boy with difficult airway problems
2010-01-27 Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy 2010, the State of Art
2009-07-29 An adolescent boy with a chest wall mass
2009-06-24 Pneumothorax case presentation
2009-03-25 Pneumonectomy in children
2009-02-24 Zero tolerance to asthma attack: Can phenotypes-based approaches be the solution?
2009-01-21 Management of recurrent wheeze in pre-school children
2008-11-26 Cuffed endotracheal tubes for infants and children - the rationales
2008-09-24 A girl with chronic lung disease
2008-08-27 Pulmonary complications in 2 immunocompromised patients
2008-07-30 Paediatric toxidromes
2008-05-28 Aspiration pneumonia in neurologically impaired children